The Common Good Foundation
Guildhall, London

Guildhall, London

Common Good Economics

There are strong pressures to resurrect the two failed models of the past half century, financial globalisation or a protectionist state-directed economy. Our programme of Common Good Economics seeks to offer a plausible and constructive alternative to both, and build the relationships to put it into action.

In partnership with Andy Haldane, Chief Economist at the Bank of England, we have been running a series of seminars on Common Good Economics. Participants have included representatives from the trade unions, the main political parties, faith leaders, business and academia.

Click here to view the seminar papers that form the foundation of a forthcoming book by Lord Glasman and Andy Haldane.

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Sharing the Water

Water is held to be sacred by many different traditions and is a necessity of life. While water levels are rising, the Tigris and the Euphrates are being stifled at source by the building of dams in Turkey. There are also huge issues of pollution and salination.

The Common Good Foundation is bringing together the central Shia institution of the Howza in Najaf, with the Church of England, the Catholic Church and the Chief Rabbinate of the United Kingdom to convene a joint statement on the necessity of sharing the water, that it is neither a private asset nor an instrument of state power but a gift of creation to all humanity. This will challenge market and state domination and further interfaith solidarity.

Civic Diplomacy

We have pioneered a discrete form of conversation and negotiation called civic diplomacy, in which estranged interests are brought together and try to find mutual ideas of affection and shared interests.

As part of this work we have established a Social Carers Guild in Sheffield. This brings together workers, funders, managers and clients into a common institution in order to address issues of neglect, misunderstanding and anger.

“Leadership is the ability to act in time” - Machiavelli

“Leadership is the ability to act in time” - Machiavelli

Common Good Leadership

The Common Good requires the active leadership of different interests committed to a community of shared purpose. We are seeking to develop that leadership through training and engagement with leaders across business, politics and civic society.

Building on the work of community organising pioneered in the United States, we run leadership training programmes for civic and community leaders. In doing so, we strengthen the leadership of the poor and build the power of society to negotiate and build a common life with business, finance and state interests.

Over the past four years we have trained more than 1,000 people including church, mosque, trade union and local leaders across the UK.

The Common Good is in the mutual interest of all in society