The Common Good Foundation

The Common Good Foundation facilitates the reconciliation of estranged interests within society.


Our purpose

The Common Good Foundation exists to build relationships, reconcile estranged interests and restore a sense of belonging and mutual flourishing in our society.

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Common Good Economics

There are strong pressures to resurrect the two failed models of the past half century, financial globalisation or a protectionist state-directed economy. Our programme of Common Good Economics seeks to offer a plausible and constructive alternative to both, and build the relationships to put it into action.

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Common Good Leadership

There needs to be a change in society towards reciprocity and mutual flourishing. This Common Good requires the active leadership of different interests committed to a community of shared practices. We are seeking to develop that leadership through training and engagement with leaders across business, politics and civic society.

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Civic Diplomacy

We have pioneered a discrete form of conversation and negotiation called civic diplomacy, in which estranged interests are brought together and try to find mutual ideas of affection and shared interests.

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Discourses from the Common Good Foundation and our friends.

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Sermons from the Common Good Foundation.

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