We are seeking to promote individual 'purpose' that works for the betterment of society as a whole. 

The mission of the Common Good Foundation is to build the ideas, institutions and relationships which enable interests to pursue their own ends within a shared notion of the mutual flourishing of society.  

Self-interest, broadly conceived, is a fundamental tenet of the Common Good.

We live in a society characterised by polarised views in which vocational and local institutions have been weakened. There is a loss of trust in political and business leaders and a lack of shared purpose across society. 

We are seeking to strengthen the relationships that will strengthen society so that all can participate in a shared prosperity.

The foundation is implementing these values through:

  • The development and diffusion of the concept of a Common Good Economics and a Common Good Politics
  • Leadership Training designed to develop the insights, humility, balance and hope necessary to achieve the Common Good at all levels of society
  • Civic Diplomacy initiatives to bring polarised interests into shared public space to build trust and reconciliation