There can be no common good without the active involvement of community leaders.

There are many divisions: capital and labour, north and south, towns and cities, immigrants and locals, Brexit and Remain living parallel lives. Polarised views and powerlessness in communities go together.

Building on the work of community organising in the United States we run a training programme for community leaders that is based on strengthening the power of society to negotiate and build a common life with others. 

Civic Diplomacy

We have pioneered a discrete form of conversation and negotiation called civic diplomacy, in which diverse interests are brought together and try to find mutual ideas of affection and shared interests.


During 2018 and 2019 a series of seminars for civic and community leaders will be run on the following themes:

  • Sharing the Water - conceptions of the common good around the non-commodity status of human beings and nature and how that can be expressed in terms of economic and political institutions
  • The Next Harvest of Common Goods - what Common Goods are necessary in order to strengthen quality and equality
  • Returning the Body to the Corporation - Looking at the civic corporation as an autonomous institution and how it is distinct from state and market institutions
  • The Meaning of Vocation - A central part of the Common Good is a renewal of vocation, not simply as an increased status for manual labour but as a necessary part of a moral economy

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