About us

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The Common Good

We champion and strengthen the tradition of the Common Good. Our mission is to reconcile estranged interests in society and build an economy that works for all.

We believe in forging relationships, recognising the value of labour through vocation and enabling communities to lead action.

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Post-Brexit Britain

Following the Brexit vote the divisions in our county are palpable. The prevalent political economy is generating disaffection yet there is no compelling alternative to it.

There are clear unreconciled interests: labour and capital, north and south, towns and cities, immigrants and locals living in parallel communities. This leads to a political polarisation that is hostile to peace, reason and prosperity.

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What we do

Our work aims to bridge divisions and achieve a Common Good through three core activities:

  1. Common Good Economics to build an economy that works for all
  2. Community Leadership to enable society to actively lead change
  3. Civic Diplomacy to build strong relationships necessary for action.

For further information, see our Activity page.